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Overpopulation Reality Or Myth 


Jun 20, CANADA (SUN) — Ever since about age 15, having read “Club of Rome” predictions ( not prophecies!) by cooperating panels of sociologists, biologists, technologists, and other scientific disciplines,who were attempting to create a broad-based predictive program for the future, I have been aware of their mathematical models which all culminate in a predicted collapse of modern civilization and a massive die-off of humans, sometime within the 21st century.


This same type of bio-model is used daily to predict population changes of various species “in the field”. For example, we can predict the numbers of wolves on an island, once we know the number of rabbits and other food resources, as well as their patterns of reproduction, these interacting and thus leading to population change.


Example of relevant factors in this example would be such as: how many pups per pregnancy, and ease of access to tasty rabbits. As the rabbits increase, the food availability for wolves increases. As the wolves now increase, the rabbits reduce in number. The food now is reduced, wolves die off from hunger to balance the equation of resource availability with population numbers.


Behaviors of bio-systems can readily and very accurately be predicted by mathematical models, just as formulas can be used to accurately predict the rate and results of chemical reactions. Don’t doubt this, it is scientific fact. If the initial data are correct, the model can predict the outcome nicely.


The predicted time of world-wide catastrophe due to overpopulation, overuse of limited resources, inability to feed everyone, increased disease, etc. has varied over the years, and the predictive models are tweaked as science, technology, and mundane knowledge advance.


Unfortunately, the more recent and complete the data, as it is entered, the earlier it now appears that that collapse will inevitably occur. It could have gone the other way, with such collapse being pushed further into the future, for example as we find alternative energy sources. Just as current weather data support that world warming is occurring earlier and with more dire effects that at first suspected by conservative scientists, so the current data support an earlier date for such world-wide correction (die-off) of overpopulation due to modern ways of living. This means massive relatively sudden die-offs, whether by disease or starvation or war, etc.


It is not that our advancing technologies are able to compensate for a burgeoning world population. We are already seeing die-offs of species. The oceans are being strangled by plastic, polluted by industry, and over-fished. The world economy is shrinking due to the lies and cheating of leading financial institutions and governments. More and deadlier weapons, increased police surveillance and control, new anti-biotic resistant diseases, re-ocurrance of old diseases thought to have been conquered, droughts and famines, continued political and religious fanaticism, etc. are here. In short, the variables used to predict the future are coming out negatively, ie. suggesting trouble sooner, rather than later. I had guess-timated we should be fairly stable yet, until about 2030. Computer/mathematical bio-models have predicted this collapse between 2020-ish and 2120. However, these older predictions are proving too conservative. The world’s weather experts, biologists etc. have knowledge that dire consequences cannot now be readily turned aside. It is too late for easy corrections. The timing is likely sooner, rather than later.


I still dare say we have about 5-10 years of relative stability as we fall over the cliff. We are already over the cliff, and falling, but it’s like the old joke about the steep road being “perfectly safe, its only at the bottom where they all kills their selves!”


Only a fraction may survive coming times. The rich and powerful and the military elite have access to amazing medical and scientific technological breakthroughs, in the most part hidden from the public. They think that if the rest of the world dies off, they will then emerge afterwards, and be the Adam and Eve elites in a new age of golden knowledge. They may even be tempted to get the ball rolling sooner, to avoid the damage in the long run being even worse than it needs to be. Thus, in the name of saving the world, they could create diseases and wars to get the killing done sooner and efficiently. This policy is now government approved in terms of conserving certain species; ie. kill off the overpopulated herds-members. This is regulated in the form of licenses for hunters. This example shows that such thinking is already widely applied by ecological-biologist-informed governments. Do you think none have thought of applying this same methodology in terms of drastically reducing “modern-consumer-cultural-human” overpopulation?


Upper socio-economic levels of society may even have access to extreme life-prolonging genetic knowledge, such as may have been controlled, and made to disappear from the news, in the last months. Did you happen to read the account of recent discoveries by medical geneticists about age-reversal, and their successful experiments? The web carried details about years of experimental work carried out by leading researchers, lending strong further credence to the articles. The gist is that they actually made old mice and old mice organs become young again!! They had somehow simply reversed the genetic sequence ! With such a technology, you could regrow damaged organs, grow young again, and practically live forever. ( Just as an aside, the Srimad Bhagavatam tells of a deathless reptilian civilization. So it can be done.) This conservative scientific community information appeared for a few hours, then disappeared off all news sources everywhere. You now can’t even find a Youtube video on the topic! One can’t enjoy such long life in a world overpopulated and using up the world’s resources at an ever- increasing rate. One can just imagine the thought in the heads of the rich and powerful.


Looking around, we find governments financed black-ops creation of underground cities and stores of seeds, genetic material, information, and weapons. The bases are in American (under mountains),and England (underground and sea) and Scandinavia (underground). I can’t just now give the addresses, but they are available. These are a current fact, not theoretical. It can be understood therefore, that some of the world leaders are acting upon the scientific predictions for the future, have already created and implemented dooms-day survival plans. This should be chilling, but the truth is hidden and people are being lied to, or told what is truth by politically motivated liars and manipulators, and otherwise brainwashed into not thinking about things that are not approved. Just like in guruvadi anti-Iskcon.


I used to think Anuttama devi and Bhakta Billy and other Hare Krsna survivalists, ( Srila Prabhupada being one, a true Gandhi’ ist ) were sometimes naively ahead of their time. But close examination of the current world situation leads me to believe we will basically be toast around about 2035 or thereabouts. You may want to buy that piece of land and change your money into hard gold well before that time. New couples with children should seriously consider purchasing farming land with water on site, acquire or build windmills and use solar and mechanically-produced electricity, etc. etc. to extract themselves from dependence on a world economy.


For older devotees such as myself, I have no concerns about surviving too much longer. I am content to cling to the cities for work and money, so long as I can get enough together to move soon to India and the Holy Dhamas, and thus leave this world. But others are stuck here for a while yet. I humbly offer encouragement to those seeking to create a survival option. You may appear quaint or idealistic now, but in the near future, you or your children may be among the only ones left.

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